Summer is winding down but the camp still has three weeks of happy, energetic, active campers scheduled.  These last weeks are camp are for the autistic kids.  They love to ride there bikes around and around and around after supper each night.  I need two or three volunteers every night starting August 2 at 5:45 until 6:30 to help make sure the kids have a safe, fun experience.  Our last night of biking will be August 20 (no Friday or Saturday nights).  If you can help, please call me or email me and give me a date or dates when you can come. cell 612-801-4485, home 562-5472 or wk 692-4878. 

On August 21 our last clean of the camp is scheduled and I need two more people to help.  The time is 11:30.  If there are four women it usually doesn't take over an hour and 1/2.


If you are scheduled to clean but can't quite remember what day or what time, you can check the calendar.  Everyone who signed up for cleaning is listed on the calendar on the date to clean. 


 Map for Camp Knutson

A Map of Camp Knutson for all who visit, volunteer, and celebrate the wonderful place!