Specific dates for volunteering can be reserved at the Spring Luncheon Meeting. Following the spring meeting, you can sign up for volunteer activities by contacting the person listed on the schedules or our Volunteer coordinator, Ginny Hersey at 218.821.7801 or at herseyonfox@emily.net.

The schedules listed below show who has signed up for specific times for each activity and opportunities that still need to be filled. If, after signing up for a specific activity, changes or cancelations are necessary, please notify the contact person – even if you have agreed to get your own replacement from our membership roster.

Banquet Serving Schedule

Biking Schedule

Cleaning Schedule

Down Syndrome Rest Hour Schedule

Jewelry Making & Beading Schedule

Tailgating Schedule

Thank You Cards Schedule

Fishing Schedule

Other Special Events Schedule

“I feel like I am making a difference when we spruce the camp up in time for the next bunch of campers.  I too enjoy working directly with campers, especially at the tailgating nights. It is really fun and everyone is so thankful to enjoy the outdoors.”

- John K.