Benefits of Volunteering at Camp Knutson

  • Opportunity to share your gifts and talents with campers and staff. Help create an accepting, inclusive community by letting campers with special needs, fragile medical conditions, or other identified needs know that there are other people in this world who care deeply about them.

  • Meet new friends, spend time with current friends. Volunteering offers great networking opportunities with other volunteers, camp staff and, of course, the campers!

  • It’s a volunteer lead organization - We have volunteer leaders, coordinators, and committee chairs who provide leadership and mentoring and help keep everything running smoothly. 

  • Flexible time commitment - come volunteer for a couple of hours or come regularly throughout the summer - some year round volunteer opportunities are also available!

  • Experience the impact of your efforts. 


$218,928 Raised

$218,928 was the total amount raised through Camp Knutson Fundraisers and community events held on behalf of camp.


95% of Volunteers

In 2018, 95% of Camp Knutson Volunteers rated their experience at high quality or above.


2,200 Volunteer Hrs

a. In 2018, Camp Knutson volunteers served over 2,200 hours working with campers, event support and fundraising, and grounds and facility support.


1,187 Total Campers

In 2018, Camp Knutson hosted a total of 1,187 campers across the 14 camps that took place on the property.