How to Volunteer for Camp Activities

  1. Fill out the Time and Talent Interest form and all other forms and submit to Ginny Hersey, bring to Spring Meeting or turn into the office at Camp Knutson.

  2. Sign up for volunteer activities at the Spring Meeting on May 30th at Camp Knutson or after the meeting by contacting the appropriate person listed is the description of each activity. If you need to change or cancel your time, please contact the same person you contacted to sign up.

  3. If you have any general questions or concerns, please contact the Camp Knutson Volunteer Coordinator, Ginny Hersey, at 218.821.7801 or

“I experience working directly with the campers has been very fulfilling. To do the beading with campers and to see how excited they are when they know they can keep what they have made, makes me really happy and I feel I am really making a “real difference” in their lives.  It also is fun to see the look in their eyes when they return to camp and see friendly, supportive people, staff and volunteers as well.”

- Mary K.

Scheduled Activities at Camp

When specific dates for the volunteer opportunities on the Camp grounds are filled, they are listed on our Volunteer Schedule page.

Involving Campers

If you are interested in working directly with our campers, we have many opportunities throughout the summer for that! From onetime occasions to recurring opportunities – there is a place for everyone! Opportunities with campers are approximately 1-2 hours per time.

Please contact Ginny Hersey at 218.821.7801 or

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Angel Flights

Pick Up or Return Out of State Campers from Brainerd Airport to Camp Using a Camp Vehicle
Camps: Camp Odayin (Heart)
Random Days in July
Communication with Jared Griffin About Dates and Times
Contact Jared Griffin at 712.249.9621

Banquet Serving

Help Serve Meal to Campers Buffet Style in Dining Hall
Camps: Camp Benedict (HIV/AIDS), Camp Discovery (Skin)
Thursday Evenings 5:15-6:30 pm
3-4 Volunteers Per Banquet - Sign in at Pauly’s Place (Office)


Help Guide Bikes / Campers in the Right Direction Around Course (Garage)
Camps: Camp Hand in Hand (Autism)
Mostly August: Sunday through Thursday Evenings 5:30-6:30 PM
3-5 Volunteers Per Evening - Sign in at Pauly’s Place (Office)

Down Syndrome Rest Hour

Reading, Arts & Crafts, Bowling, Games with Campers Choosing
Camps: Down Syndrome Foundation Camp
Mid-June, Two Afternoons, 1 Hour
4 Volunteers Per Afternoon - Sign in at Pauly’s Place (Office)


Fishing with Campers Off Docks at the Waterfront
Many Camps in June, July, & August
Tuesday 2:30-4:30 PM

Jewelry Making / Beading

Help Campers Create Beaded Projects During Waterfront Time
Camps: Camp Odayin (Heart), Camp Discovery (Skin)
End of June and All of July | 5 Weeks Program: Tuesdays & Thursdays 2:00-4:00 PM
Any Number of Volunteers, Training Required by Kathy Morgan | For Training Contact Kathy Morgan: 218.543.5471 or 210.240.8674


Help Grill Hot Dogs and Brats & Serve Camp Provided Side Dishes to Campers / Staff Picnic Style
Camps: Camp Benedict (HIV/AIDS), DSF Camp (Down Syndrome), Camp Odayin (Heart), Camp Discovery (Skin), Camp RED (Burn Survivors)
Most Wednesday Evenings in June & July 4:45-6:30 PM | Sign In at Office
4 Pairs of Volunteers (Each Pair With Car) Per Outing

Thank You Cards

Assist Counselors Facilitate Making Thank You Cards for Donors With Campers
Camps: Camp Odayin (Heart), Camp Discovery (Skin)
Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday Mornings in July 9:00-12:00 PM at Timberlane
1 Volunteer to Assist Counselors - Sign in at Pauley’s Place


1-2 Volunteers Per Afternoon
Sign in at Pauly’s Place (Office)

Facilities and Grounds Activities

If you are interested in helping take care of our beautiful land, buildings and/or working on maintenance projects, this is the place for you! With 32 acres of land and 19 buildings, we have opportunities for volunteers to mow our grass, maintain our gorgeous gardens, assist with cleaning or other maintenance projects. These opportunities help us create the perfect environment for our campers. Opportunities in Facilities and Grounds are an average of 2-4 hours per time and can be a one-time commitment or can be recurring.

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Gardening (Sign In at Pauly’s Place)

Help Keep the Gardens Looking Fresh, Some Planting in the Spring
Every Wednesday All Summer 8:30-10:00 AM - Coffee in Dining Hall Follows
Any Number of Volunteers - No Sign Up Necessary
Contact Sharon Elmquist at 218.692.1142 or Contact Linda Gates at 218.765.3246

Cleaning (Sign In at Pauly’s Place)

Assist with Light Cleaning of Non-Camper Resident Buildings (Sweep, Vacuum, Counters, Bathroom)
All Camps, Clean Parts of Pauley’s Place, Craft Room at Bazinet, Crosslake Cabin and Hilltop
Usually Every Friday - Times Each Friday vary - 1.5 to 2 hours - Coffee Follows
Contact Ginny Hersey at 218.821.7801 or

Maintenance Helpers

Assist Dennie with Miscellaneous Projects Such as Lawn, Repairs, Staining Etc.
Miscellaneous Days, Times All Summer
Any Number of Volunteers 1 Large Group - Ask If Interested
Contact Dennie Fry at 218.820.8956

Crosslake Lutheran Men & Volunteers

Assist Dennie with Miscellaneous Projects Such as Lawn, Repairs, Projects, Etc.
Second Friday of Each Month
After a Camp K Breakfast in the Dining Hall, the Projects Begin
We’ll Work a Couple of Hours 8:30-11:00 AM, Rain or Shine!
Contact Jeff Benson at 612.598.1852

Fundraising, Special Events, and More

If you are interested in helping organize, offering ideas, networking with others and seeing a great impact – fundraising and special events is the place for you! From working the day of the event to organizing a silent auction and everything in between, there are many opportunities for you within each event. Fundraising and special events are a crucial part of our operation - our fundraising efforts support every aspect of Camp Knutson.

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Night Under the Stars (NUTS)

Work on Teams to Design, Plan, Decorate, Greet, Publicize, Park, Clean, Etc.
Various Days of the Months Leading Up to and Including the Event, July 21
Any Number of Volunteers - Total Membership Invited to Help
Contact Jeannine Acker at 763.233.1937 or

Family Sundae Funday

Help Plan, Serve Food & Ice Cream, Run a Tour, Signage, Greet, Parking
Sunday, May 26, 2019 (Memorial Day Weekend) 11:30-2:00 PM
Any Number of Volunteers, All Welcome
Contact Lori Nelson at 651.246.7292 or or
Contact Mary Nielson at 859.816.3163 or

Golf Scramble (Pending)

Help Plan, Work Day of Event
Looking for Chairs to Organize the Event
Any Number of Volunteers, All Welcome
Contact Jared Griffin at 712.249.9621 or

Quilt Auction

Assist with Collection and Organization of Quilts and/or Day of the Event
Any Number of Volunteers, All Welcome
Contact Jared Griffin at 712.249.9621 or

Assist with Website

Help Keep the Volunteer Website Up to Date, Innovative and Well Organized
Contact Caitlin Malin at 608.632.4201

Assist with Early Season Open

Help Prepare for Summer, Inspect Games, Supplies, Health Supplies, Etc.
Contact Caitlin Malin at 608.632.4201

Assist with End of Season Closure

Help Clean, Repair or Store Supplies, Storage Areas, Etc.
Contact Caitlin Malin at 608.632.4201

Additional Special Events

Assist with One Day Events Such as Pancake Breakfast, Tree Planting, Fall Picnic, Etc.
Miscellaneous Days and Times Throughout Summer
Number of Volunteers Vary
Contact Caitlin Malin at 608.632.4201

Photography, Sew/Mend Costumes, Woodworking

On Call Basis